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As the owner of The Other Road Counseling Loveland, CO, I invite children, adolescents, and adults to my practice. I allow individuals to take a lead in their discussions, so that they process, and discover their own solutions. I am compassionate, listen without judgement, and acknowledge their experience without moving the conversation in another direction. I truly enjoy meeting new individuals where they are on their own journey. We all have stories that can help heal others. I enjoy creating a safe place (online or in-person) that will allow others to share their story and allow the person to flourish into their authentic self!

Has there been times where you get very upset when the same or similar situation happens?
Do you experience persistent thoughts that are upsetting and unwanted?
Have you been feeling consistently fatigued and finding it hard to concentrate?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then I invite you to take a look at my integrative approach and offerings.

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Therapy, & Healing Services

I provide a wide range of offerings from traditional in office therapy to holistic approaches such as sound healings (also knows as sound theray). I also provide other healing offerings such as:

Play therapy is an evidence-based therapy for children ages 3-12. Play therapy allows your child to explore and resolve problems through the use of play. While playing, your child will express thoughts and feelings that would otherwise remain hidden. Play Therapy More Info emotional wounds from trauma EMDR therapy has been extensively researched and has demonstrated effectiveness for trauma. Our brains have a natural way to recover from traumatic memories and events. rather then focusing on changing the emotions, thoughts, or behaviors resulting from the distressing issue, allows the brain to resume its natural healing process. EMDR Therapy More Info Sound therapy healing sessions I am just starting to offer sound healing performances via Zoom webinar. I have been playing crystal bowls and tuning forks for several years and have effectively and successfully used these techniques over the years, not just on clients but on myself as well. Sound Healing More Info Whether you are new or are just beginning your private practice journey, or if you are thinking about starting your own private practice, then I am here to help. I know all of the ins and outs and twists and turns that the private practice journey brings, along with all of the opportunities that are out there to help a private practice grow. Professional Consultations More Info

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Thank you for viewing The Other Road Counseling Loveland. It is such a brave thing to do. Seeking help is not easy. If you decide to take the Other Road, I want you to know that we are in this together. I would like for you to take your time viewing this site and if you have any questions please contact me. I would like for you to find the right clinician for you to flourish. Everyone is worthy of connection. Please call 970-217-2486 to schedule your appointment. I look forward hearing from you.
Much gratitude,

Mallorie Smolen LCSW