Spring Greetings

New life emerges in Spring, and we feel renewed despite our challenges and frequent fatigue.  Millennium Group wishes all of you a new beginning, one that elicits comfort, understanding and strength amidst our increasingly complex lives.

We’ve been diligent all winter and quite honestly too engrossed in our work to send out our newsletters regularly. We savor our new office, appreciate our fellow staff members, and are delighted in welcoming many new clients.  We are also engrossed in two new patents and their production.  Let’s catch up, yes?  Keep scrolling down to see all of our news.

1st Things 1st – Expressing the Obvious & Uncomfortable

We listen carefully to our clients. We share your agitation with technology and offer these reminders and suggestions.

Technology is getting quite convoluted and complex.  Whether it is Windows updates playing havoc or software fighting with each other, simple computer tasks are frequently far from simple any more.  We empathize with our clients, whether they be home or business users. As techs, we are having to dive deeply into gulfs that used to feel like puddles.  The frustration is universal.

Let go of believing that technologies are tools- things we pick up, use and then easily put away.  Technology is in every crook, edge and corner of our very existence and effects everything we do, think and feel.  We’re long past escaping it and yes, we do feel vulnerable.

Due to technology, we experience the extremes of human nature:  kindness, connection, loneliness, ugliness, ignorance, inventiveness, invasion, destruction, and inspiration.  It represents both our prisons and our freedom, the real and the forged…and it is beyond extinguishing from our lives.

It may sound absurd from a tech company- but the Millennium Group encourages you to step away from your computers, your mobile devices, your social networks and your games as much as you can.

Come up for air this Spring.  It is time to heed the call of Alcestis, the mythical queen of Thessaly: “I wish to live in the Real’.

Office Comings & Goings

Ben Cleary, Brad Roths & Chuck Werbick juggle client work as well as investing their talents towards two new patents we’re working on.

Brad & Thane spent 3 weeks in China at the Canton Fair and traveling to work with suppliers and manufacturers.  The trip was healthy and stimulating in all regards. Brad now has a zest for experiencing other cultures and we are applauding.  In his first trip out of the country, Brad embodied the best of a good traveler: he was easy going about comfort issues; ventured into places on his own; and said “Hell yes” to whatever came his way.  It was a going home for Thane, since he lived most of his adult life in China and speaks fluent Mandarin.

Ben and Brad cover most of the onsite work with our business clients, running around Northern Colorado installing Wi-Fi, VoIP telephony systems and networking for hotels, hospitalities and companies while Chuck Werbick literally solves every single problem that occurs in a day.  He is a magician in my eyes.

Our company’s tagline is “It’s not about technology.  It’s about people” and I am frequently informed by our clients that our staff takes this statement seriously.  The tributes that are offered about our staff confirm that the demanding task of running a small tech company is balanced by our willingness to honor human exchanges.  Last night I met a client for dinner and smiled as she disclosed how impressed she was with Ben, who took the time to connect with her in a meaningful way. Similarly, we receive declarations about Chuck and the rest of the staff almost every day.

I do not share this to pat ourselves on the back, especially since I am typically the one caught kvetching the loudest (I curmudgeonly admit this in my elder years).  It is declared since we understand how unyielding and troublesome both life and technology can be.  The only legitimate mitigation is to honor our humanity and understand the universal needs to be heard and understood, regardless of what tribe or side we may perceive to belong.

Succinctly:  The important step to becoming the one customers choose, is to be the one who chooses to see the customer.  We do work that matters by believing that both the work and the client matters…so we thank you for complimenting our staff.

Andy Pizer finally took a short break to test out drone flying in the rainforests of Costa Rica.  Changing his longitude & latitude has fed his mind and he’ll be back with renewed energy and new ideas…and drone dreams.

Marina Dargitz is head deep in an extensive 5 month course on coding and is on leave to expand her knowledge.  It is invigorating to see young people hungry for knowledge, yet we confess we miss her.

The rest of us…we’re holding the fort down.  Give us a call at 970-663-1200 if we can assist you in any regard.  We’re posting on Facebook as frequently as we can.

We send our greetings to each of you.  – Jinx Davis

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