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Technology Isn't for You

As an IT professional, I have served businesses for decades and…
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Imagining the Unimaginable - Disaster Plans for Business

Disasters have always been part of the world, but now they come…
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7 Things We're Proud of Doing - The Road Less Traveled in IT

With our IT Support and Computer Network services, we employ…
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Locky Ransomware - The worst of the worst, so far!

We hate fear tactics- but this warrants your fear. Locky is…
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Why Managed IT is Coming of Age

By Andy Pizer Millennium Group As a small business owner,…

Lessons to Remember About Using Technology & Email

Etiquette (/ˈɛtᵻkɛt/ or /ˈɛtᵻkɪt/, French: [e.ti.kɛt])…

Millennium Group's Holiday Video - 2015

It wasn't easy to create a video intwining computers and technology…
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Be Careful What Santa Leaves Under the Tree or the Consequences of the Internet of Things

 I had to venture out today and actually enter a store.  This…

Musings on giving thanks, laughing at ourselves and digging into a good meal.

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