volcano eruption disaster

Urgent Need for Disaster Plans - New Ransomware Threats

January 5, 2017 by Jinx Davis Christmas and New Year were…
snow covered tree

The Gift of Connection

Millennium Group's Seasonal Ruminations ( and a little video,…
woman with a sparker

It's Not Always Easy to be Thankful - Offering Thanks from Millennium Group

  It is not always easy to feel thankful.  It is difficult…
people in mall

More Choices & Less Trust - The Marketing Challenge

It is the day after the US Presidential election.  Time to pause…
boy playing violin in recital hall

Honor the Unfinished Work - Business as a Process

When I was in graduate school in theater, we were taught a cardinal…
mobile phone with unrecognizable colors

Color Blindness - How an App Created Empathy for a Co-worker

“Is this one green, or brown?” my colleague asked me under…
old rusted car

The Challenge of Staying Relevant

Can we change? Jinx Davis, Millennium Group He was elderly;…
abstract image of chaos

The Sounds of Technology are Deafening

Time to Think Jinx Davis, Millennium Group I’m in a constant…
teenage girls gossipping

Wagging Our Tongues- Notes on Gossip & the Internet

The internet is full of gossip from Facebook, trolling and even…
tombstone with a butterfly

The Evolution of Cemeteries - From Family Plots to Facebook

“The truth is that we all live by leaving behind; no doubt…